Watching Visitors

  • Improve Your Website

Do you ever wish you could follow your customers around when they visit your website, watching and recording every move they make? Do you know which areas of your landing page customers gravitate to and which areas are completely left unnoticed? Do you wish you could see exactly how customers interact with one of your pages, a shopping cart or a form to see where they get stuck and leave your site?

Do you wish you could try out such technology for free? Now you can do all that with an ingenious system called Mouse Flow – click here to check it out!

To give you an example, one of our clients had an application form on their site.  After we installed Mouse Flow for them we discovered that many customers were getting only half way through that form. By reducing the number of required fields we were able to increase the number of applications and greatly improve the Return On Investment (ROI) for their advertising campaign.

If you want to improve your ROI, you absolutely MUST have this!