How NOT To Outsource Google AdWords Management

  • How NOT To Outsource AdWords

You might be tempted to outsource your AdWords management to an overseas company or individual to cut costs. Yes, you’ll cut costs, but you may also be cutting your potential returns on your advertising dollars. Here are some things to consider and look out for:

  • Don’t use anyone who’s not fully AdWords Certified – check the currency of the certification. AdWords Certified consultants must sit regular exams to stay up-to-date. Outsourcing to a non-certified person means you may be getting outdated advice.
  • Overseas managers may not understand your local market. You can’t teach it. Ask them if they have experience with your market.
  • The person, although fully certified, may not understand your industry, product or service fully. There could be a language or cultural difference. We’ve had experience with contractors who’ve totally misunderstood the service to be marketed and had we continued to use them we would have been wasting our client’s money.
  • Watch out for part-timers who cannot be relied upon. Your advertising money is on the line, so if your manager takes days to respond that’s a definite problem. If you can’t just pickup the phone and call them, you need to take that into account. Many will be very responsive at first and once they have your business will slack off.
  • Your account security is on the line, so let them build your trust in them. Don’t give them full access right away. First give them read-only access to your account, see how they perform just doing analysis.

Overall, the more money you’re investing in advertising, the more you need to take care as to how it’s being spent. The money you same on management fees might end up being just a small fraction of the money you could loose (or the potential sales you could miss out on) if you get it wrong. It can be done, but you have to have the right processes and people in place for the quality control.