How to use AdWords to get better ROI in SEO & Social Marketing

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If you’re thinking about investing money in SEO or Social Marketing, you need to establish clear goals and objectives which will help you achieve positive ROI. Part of it is breaking down and understanding your market segments so you can target them cost-effectively.

One thing that AdWords allows you to do well – that’s establish your ROI on specific market segments, i.e. keywords. In other words, if you manage AdWords correctly, you should have a clear breakdown of all your market segments by keyword groups, as well as geographic locations.

When you know your lucrative market segments as derived from AdWords, including the costs of conversions, you can better focus your efforts in SEO & Social Marketing and achieve higher ROI.

For example, you’re in the plumbing business, and one of your lucrative market segments is based on the keywords “drain clearing Brisbane” or “drain clearing Gold Coast”. You know that your conversion rates for these are high  – your site is good at converting such visitors to leads. You also know your best performing ad copies from doing regular split-testing. Now you can put together an SEO and Social Marketing strategy based on targeting those specific markets.

On the other hand I often come across businesses who invest thousands on SEO & Social Marketing on market segments that are either too broad/competitive or too narrow with very little volume of search per month. In plumbing terms that’s “ money down the drain”.

Use AdWords to get to know and understand your market segments (and associated costs of acquisition), then invest in SEO & Social Marketing to target those that are worth targeting.