How to Sell More Products with Google AdWords


When you do a search for “buy watch” on Google, one of the most dominant features on the results page is the “Shop for…” section with product pictures and prices. Isn’t a “picture worth a thousand words”? Those pictured products are actually AdWords ads using Google’s Merchant Centre feeds.

On the one hand, if you were looking for a specific brand, you might search for “buy hugo boss watch” for example. You could even narrow it down to a specific make and then simply select the lowest price. A win for the branded product using AdWords!


On the other hand, you might have a specific feature in mind, like a watch with a thermometer. You would search for “buy watch with thermometer” and select the best looking and lowest priced watch that does the job. A win for feature-packed & great-looking products using AdWords!


One bit of advice – your products need to have a differentiating factor if you are to compete in this space, whether it’s a lower price (ideally), or a unique look or feature.