Total E-Commerce Solution

  • Total Cart Solution

If you’re in the business of selling stuff online, you absolutely have to see this total E-Commerce solution.

We’ve seen them all over the years, so why do we think this one is better? Here are top 6 of our own key reasons:

  • This solution includes hosting, which means you don’t have to setup, configure, pay for, and stress over a separate hosting platform. Your hosting is provided and supported by the same people – that’s a big plus. With carts like WordPress plugins there is no or little support and it is often a struggle to make your cart sync with your hosting platform.
  • This solution is always up-to-date, meaning you don’t have to upgrade it all the time & pray that everything works when you do.
  • This solution has one of the best mobile versions of your site, allowing your customers to easily buy your products using their mobile phones.
  • This solution is the most flexible we have ever seen. If you wish you can configure everything down to the smallest detail.
  • This solution integrates with everything under the sun, including all the different payment gateways like PayPal & eWay, postage providers like Australia Post, email marketing, accounting, etc. You can even auto-publish your products on eBay!
  • This solution comes with great support.

The best part is that it’s free to try it. Go ahead and setup a store in a few minute. You’ll see just how simple it is!