What is a Google Certified Partner?

We are a specialist company officially certified by Google as having the appropriate qualifications and experience to manage AdWords accounts.
Google AdWords Certified Partner
To become and stay certified, a company must have at least one fully certified consultant (qualifications) and have a minimum level of managed budget (experience). To remain certified, Google consultants must regularly sit Fundamental & Advanced exams for which passing scores are as high as 85%.

Can I manage my own AdWords campaign?

Sure you can! However, it takes a lot of training and practice to get good results. The difference between getting average performance and great performance can equate to thousands of dollars in returns. Our fee more than pays for itself.

What if I want to stop advertising?

Should you wish to pause or discontinue your advertising at any time, it’s a simple matter of letting us know and we will pause it for you. Should you no longer require our services just let us know and we will present you with your final account. There are no lock-in contracts.

How do I pay for the advertising?

The budget set for your advertising campaign(s) is paid directly to Google. You can choose (and change) the payment options through your AdWords login.

We already have AdWords with another company - why should we go with you?

We are local and fully certified. If you are with another locally-based, Certified Google AdWords Partner there shouldn’t be any reason to switch. If you’re not sure whether you’re being well looked after by your current AdWords Client Manager, just take a look at the “Change History” in your AdWords account – this will tell you if your existing¬†company¬†is doing the work or just pretending.

We build relationships with our clients. This involves face-to-face time where possible to help us better understand each client. Our success depends on our clients’ success, so our focus is on making sure that every dollar invested delivers top returns. It’s another reason we don’t have lock-in contracts – we don’t need them.

Does AdWords advertising work?

Proper training and experience is the key to making AdWords work. Some fall in the trap of delegating AdWords management to someone who is either not fully qualified, doesn’t have the experience or is simply not prepared to put in the hard work. We do the work and we get results, so for our clients yes, it works.

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