How To Blog

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Blogs can be a very cost-effective way to promote your business. We recommend that all our clients have a Blog on their site and post regularly. Blogs will actually help your paid advertising by reducing your cost per click in the long term. Here are some very simple instructions to get you started…

The most common website content management systems (CMS – what you use to edit your website), like WordPress have a built-in blogging system. In WordPress, for example, you would add “Posts”. Thus if you’re using WordPress, you’re in luck. For other CMS systems it may be just a matter of having a dedicated section for blogging using standard HTML pages.

As an example, this very page is a Post in our own Blog. You found this Blog posting and came to our site, so it’s worked to bring you here.

Here are some common ways to use Blog Posts to promote your business:

  • Make sure to include a picture with every Blog Post – very important, as pictures are used in social networks to highlight your post.
  • Make sure to have social sharing buttons above and below your post. In WordPress this can be achieved by simply installing a social sharing plugin of your choice – there are hundreds. Such a plugin will automatically include the sharing buttons on every post.
  • Write Blog Posts that are useful to people like this one. Such posts will be shared more readily via social networks. People want to help each other, so they will share helpful information.
  • Use Blog Posts to promote things like events, new product launches, customer testimonials, and other ad hock items – be creative!
  • Promote your “promotional” posts on LinkedIn groups by using the Promotions section – that’s exactly what the Promotions section is for!
  • Include writer information on all your Blogs (where possible), just like you see information about me (Dmitry) on this one. You can even get technical and get your photo listed next to your Blog Posts on Google search results – search for “How to get my photo on Google search results” and you’ll find the answers.

I’m sure there are many more ways to use Blog Posts and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Do you know someone who could use a Blog on their site?