B2B With LinkedIn

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If you market to businesses, LinkedIn is for you. Here are 4 tips to get started:

  • Research - use some of your free time to join as many relevant groups as you can and see how the top people in your industry are using LinkedIn. This will give you ideas.
  • Optimise for keywords - edit your profile and inject as many relevant keywords that your clients might search for, for example “Tailings Dam Project Manager”. I’d say target about 5 sets no more. Then search for these terms (using people search) and see if you come up in the top 10. Keep working on revising until you’re up high on most of your key terms.
  • Create & grow a group - start your own public group. Make it as open as possible to attract members. The way to get members is to join other similar groups, participate in their discussions and ask their members to join your group using inMail.
  • Get Expert Help - seek out experts on LinkedIn by joining LinkedIn Marketing or related groups. These groups will contain people who are experts at marketing on LinkedIn. Post discussions asking for help and you will receive heaps of offers. Pick one or two people who have the most experience but don’t overcharge. Use them to help you with Optimisation and group building.